Thursday, March 22, 2007


(Teachings from Gita)

मनुष्य जैसे मुझे भजता है, मैं वैसे ही उसे भजता हूँ।
(I serve my worshipper, the way he serves me)

I appear to him in the avataar that he likes to worship, whether he worships me as Vishnu, Ram or as any goddess. If he gives his all to me, I give my all to him. If he worships me like a father, then I treat him as my son. If he worships me as a friend, I make him my friend. I know that people follow me, so when they see me behave like this I hope that they will also behave similarly. If somebody respects them as their father, they will take care of him like a son.

In a different shlok, Krishnaji said that one who has complete faith in me and has submitted himself to me will never experience fear or anger because he knows that if he's in a problem it's because I want him to be in that situation; that I'll give him the energy and wisdom to tackle the problem; that I want him to emerge wiser and stronger from that problem; and that every problem is there to teach us a lesson of life.

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