Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How the veggie garden is flourishing

I was looking at my past posts and looks like I never got around to posting the photos of veggie garden when the season started. That makes it difficult to give you a before and after picture (pun intended!). Nonetheless I hope you will enjoy looking at how the various vegetable plants are thriving.

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Photo on the left: The front rows are radish on the left and arugula on the right, behind them is (starting from right) spinach, lavender and mint (there’s some spinach behind it as well). In the second raised bed, there’s summer squash (4 of them – we’ll probably fall short on the space, eeks!) and then tomatoes at the back.

Photo on the right: The front rows are cilantro on the left and strawberry on the right then couple of rows of beans followed by marigold. In the second raised bed we have zucchini followed by tomatoes at the back.

DH harvested some radishes yesterday and did they look beautiful?!?! While washing the radishes we discovered a baby slug that had come in with it. Yes that was an eww moment and no not all babies look cute!

Seeing the plants grow so well, really fills our heart with joy!