Thursday, May 19, 2011

New beginnings

Spring is here and gone (not by the temperatures but by the almanac!) and I finally got a chance to post some beautiful photos of how nature works. It surprises me to see that trees that were skeletons of branch and trunk are now covered with lush green leaves! If you looked at the leaves themselves, they were so tiny and initially the tree looked bare; but now it looks so full. So rich. Ground that had nothing, had tulips and daffodils sprouting from it. The daffodils are gone now and their stems/leaves would also disappear soon. Yet they would appear again from nowhere next year. The magic of nature mesmerizes me!

As you can see the tree below just started having leaves.


This is a different tree but of the same type as above. However due to it’s advantageous location it started blooming before the other one. So you can see how the above tree would look in a few days. If only I had a picture of how it looks today (note to self – take a picture of the tree tomorrow!)