Monday, November 2, 2009

Love the one you’re with

Author: Emily Giffin

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, it’s a nice light read and it falls into that category of books which I felt like reading at one go!

It starts with the heroine of the story, Ellen – who’s a successful photographer and happily married to a wonderful husband, bumping into her ex-boyfriend. He is not just an “ex” for her – they were so passionate together; all her memories of their time together come flooding back to her when she sees him and keeps her mind pre-occupied for days to come. She has a cup of coffee with him but never tells her husband about it. One lie leads to another and soon she’s trapped into a web of lies. She starts comparing her husband to her “ex” even though she doesn’t want to. Soon they move from New York to Atlanta and unhappy with her life, she tries to compensate that unhappiness by giving freedom to her feelings. It is interesting to read what happens thereafter; whether lust wins over love.

What is intriguing about the story is that when she runs into her ex, she has everything that she wanted in her life – a great career, a caring, rich and smart husband and the package. Still on meeting him, she’s aflame with all the feelings she had for him. So there’s a point in the novel when you almost want to scream at her and tell her that she’s lost her brains and I think that’s what kept me going to see if she got them back (the brains I mean) or not :).

As my DH calls some movies “chick flicks”, I think this book may fall into a similar class of books but I’m sure it’ll be a fun read for all women at least.

Bottom line: Liked it.