Friday, March 16, 2007

Transliteration - the elixir!!!!

Ignorant me had complained some time back that what if there was support for hindi language, looks like in a way there is!! Yipee!! There's support for the hindi script and there's transliteration: what more do I need?!?! For example:
जीवन, भोग, रथ, रथी, लगाम, घोड़े, सारथी, and the list can continue on and on and on। I'm so happy, the next time I need to write a lesson from Gita I'll probably use this tool! Kudos to the Blogger team! which category of posts does this go into: let me create a new category "Misc". "Misc" is indispensable, you probably have a "Misc" folder on your computer, one in your inbox, in fact one in every place you categorize stuff. Come to think of it I didn't have one till now. Lo and behold! Here it is.

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