Thursday, March 15, 2007

Soul - the control center

(Teachings from Gita) A man's soul is superior to his wisdom, wisdom is superior to the heart and heart to the senses. They can be compared to a rath. The rathi (the traveller) is the soul, saarthi (the carriage master) the wisdom, lagaam (the rein) the heart and horses the senses. Rath itself is the body. A rath goes in the right direction if the rathi has the saarthi under his control, similarly in a noble man the soul would govern his wisdom and the wisdom in turn controls the heart and the senses. One whose senses overpower the heart and together they rule the wisdom, loses his direction in the journey of life. The right path is always difficult to follow, while the wrong path will lure you with various temptations and it is easy for your senses to get trapped in these temptations; but the key in life is to let your wisdom decide what is right for you and not your senses.

By senses I mean that percieved by your sensory organs, called "indriya" in sanskrit/hindi.

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Vishal Rastogi said...

very impressive....glad to see such mature thoughts and so well written...