Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Let there be green...

When I used to read about global warming in school, I never thought that I would witness this phenomenon in my lifetime. I was under the impression that it would take decades and decades for such a thing to have it's effects; but mother nature proved me wrong. San Diego had such a wonderful weather: it was the pride of San Diego. Never too cold, never too hot. However, one year it got a little hotter than it used to be but it was only for 4-5 days and so quote manageable. The next year, the hottest selling item at any store was: fans. The winters have become so cold that sometimes it touches the freezing point. In retrospect, it's unbelievable; but it has happened and if we don't want it to get any worse then we better start doing something about it or else we would be living the movie "Day after Tomorrow".

Each one of us should do whatever we can towards conservation of natural resources and reduction of non-biodegradable waste. Here are some suggestions which I've adopted over the course of my life:

1. Use the recycle bin: try to put every little piece of paper. that you want to throw away, into the recycle bin. Not just paper but also cans, boxes etc.

2. Re-use your plastic/paper shopping bags. Instead of getting new ones everytime you go to a grocery store, take your old ones. You could probably keep some extra in your car trunks, that way you don't have to remember to take them everytime. Or maybe buy a cloth shopper.

3. Minimize the consumption of fuel by :- carpooling, not using the car if the destination if walkable and using the public transportation if possible. Initiate a "ride-your-bike-to-work" day at your workplace. Or assign a day just for yourself when you won't use your car.

4. Avoid using disposable stuff like spoons, plates, glasses, etc. They are significant contributors to the trash.

5. Buy stuff in bulk rather than personal packs, not only does it come out to be cheaper it also saves the extra packing material.

6. Switch on your dishwasher/washer/dryer only when they are full. It conserves tremendous amount of energy and your energy bill plummets! :) Try this for a month and compare your bills.

Note: I'll keep updating this list as and when I come across new ways to save energy.

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