Saturday, June 30, 2007

You are your own friend

(Teachings from Gita) It's not that your destiny is pre-determined and hence whatever is destined will happen. Your destiny is in your hands and it is up to you to uplift it. Every action of yours should be targeted towards your upliftment and progress; it should help you step ahead from your present position. In order to do so you should renounce your desires, anger, laziness, negligence, intoxication and such vices; you should stop devoting time to appeasing your senses. One should spend some time towards thinking about God. Without fail keep doing your efforts till you succeed. One who can bring improvement in his nature and actions, walks on the path to progress. The refinement in nature and actions is progress.

One's true friends are the spiritually learned men and the unselfish beings but they too can't be your friends unless you are dedicated towards them. Hence your friends can't be your friends unless you love and respect them like a friend. Similarly, no person can bring any real harm to you unless you consider him your enemy. Thus you are your own friend and enemy.

One who has his heart, senses and body under control is his own friend. You can achieve this by regular exercise and aversion of worldly pleasures. Once you reach this state your heart, senses and body will perform actions that are conducive towards your goals in life. On the other hand one who doesn't have his soul under his control he will waste in worldly pleasures and his senses and body will do what is averse to his goals.

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