Wednesday, June 13, 2007

When in doubt use MTR

MTR is an Indian brand for spices, ready-to-eat dishes,etc. For the curious mind, MTR is short for Mavalli Tiffin Room. I think the best south-indian cook in our house is MTR. I think I make great south-indian dishes but whenever I get one of its ready-made spices, the aroma is unbeatable and not to mention that it makes work a lot easy. Their RTE Rava Idli is simply delicious, it has all the tadka, in fact fancier than what we would make at home and the idlis turn out as soft as possible. No I don't get any commission from them :). The choices for RTE dishes abound and most of us are confused as to which is good. So I thought of penning down my recommendations. What I don't like among their products is the RTE veggies and rice. Here's a list of products I've tried and found to be good:
  • Sambhar Paste
  • Lemon rice paste
  • Puliogare Masala
  • Tomato rice paste
They also have a restaurant in Bangalore which I've heard is really good if you want to taste authentic south indian food.

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