Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Celadon restaurant, San Diego

Cuisine: Thai
Price: $$

Celadon, in my experience is one of the finest Thai places in San Diego. Like most thai places, it's a small restaurant but very tastefully decorated. Right from the ambience to the food, everything is perfect. My favorite menu item is the spicy noodles. In fact this is the place that got hooked me to spicy noodles. Beware when you specify the spice level. They are really spicy, so if you don't have a very spicy tongue you might want to go for level 2-3. Their curries are also delicious. However, I must mention here that the best thai curry in San Diego is at Bali Thai (will review it at some later time). To top it all they give a free dessert of delectable tapioca pudding! My first encounter with this dessert was at this restaurant and I must say that it's absolutely delicious; light on the stomach and light on the sweet part. It's like the silver lining to the cloud: perfect for after-thai-dinner-dessert! I checked the website and it seems to have shifted to a new place. In it's previous location it also had free parking which is the biggest hurdle in going to any restaurant in Hillcrest; though it was in a hard-to-locate place for first timers. Maybe it's available in the new location too.

Contact Information:
3671 5th Ave
San Diego, Ca 92101

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