Wednesday, June 20, 2007


(Teachings from Gita)If you lead a principled life, if you respect your parents, teachers and elders, if you help the poor and the needy, and you understand the true existence of God then all the above are equivalent to worshiping God; because God is there in every living being so when you are serving your parents, you are serving God.

When we love or respect someone,we feel like serving and caring for that person beyond our bounds. Like a devoted son never gets tired of serving his father; a mother never gets tired of loving her son and a good wife never gets tired of caring for her husband. You experience abysmal peace and happiness in serving such people. You look for more and more ways to show your love and respect to these people and doing so never makes you arrogant nor gives you the feeling that you're obliging the other person. On the other hand, you wish that you get this opportunity for your lifetime. The peace and contentment that you draw from such a service makes you perform it more and more.

If serving human beings could bring so much pleasure, one can't even imagine what a blissful feeling one would get on serving God with such devotion and dedication.

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