Friday, April 27, 2007

Pokez Mexican Restaurant, San Diego

Cuisine: Mexican (duh?!)

In terms of food, especially vegetarian mexican food, this is one of the decent places in San Diego and in terms of looks it's probably the worst. When we saw it from outside, we asked ourselves whether we really want to go inside. It's got that shabby look, with lots of graffiti and posters on the outside wall. Had it not been for the excellent reviews we'd heard, we would've never stepped inside it even if it was the last restaurant on earth! Okay, that was about the outer appearance; but remember the proverb: "Never judge a book by it's cover? The tables and chairs are old, the walls have numerous old stuff hanging around; the more fashion-savvy would probably call it a "retro" look but I prefer to call it the-no-money-look. :) It was akin to what I would call a dhaba. Let's come down to what matters to your stomach - the food. This is the only place that I've seen that has so many vegetarian options. That's the biggest plus point if you're a vegetarian and the food is definitely good. Another plus: it's an extremely reasonable place when it comes to your wallet! It's located in the heart of downtown San Diego and seems to be a very popular place. For the duration that we were there, the restaurant was completely full and frequently there was a waiting line. For more information go to Pokez Mexican Restaurant.

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