Sunday, April 15, 2007

(Teachings from Gita) How can one know which deeds would take him closer to God and not tie him to his birth? It is commonly thought that only one who becomes a priest, devotes his life to the worship of God, can get closer to God. That's not true. According to Krishna depending on a person's class, position, occupation and situation there are various deeds which can bring you closer to God.

Here's how different people work to be with God:
  • Some see a supreme spirit, an absolute power in everything living or non-living.
  • Some worship God and pray to him.
  • Some unite their soul with God.
  • Some control their senses and that which appeals to their senses.
  • Some gain control over themselves.
  • Some who earn material objects like money through legitimate means do not harbor any attachment to it and selflessly use it for the benefit of others.
  • Some perform tapasya, by keeping fast (abstaining from food for a given period), etc.
  • Some undertake yoga or incorporate extreme discipline; specifically ashtang yoga. It comprises of the following: yam, niyam, pranayam, aasan, prayahar, dhaarna, dhyan and samadhi.
    • Yam: Defines the moral codes - non-violence, truthfulness, principle of non-stealing, following celibacy and non-possessiveness.
    • Aasan: is posture; a posture to attain mental equilibrium.
    • Niyam: emphasizes on self-purification. Outer and inner purity of self, being content, self-study , worshipping with complete faith and endurance.
    • Pranayam: The ability to control the inhaling and exhaling of breath.
    • Pratyahar: The ability to control one's senses; withdrawal of senses; and hence increase the power of mind.
    • dhaarNa: is concentration on an object.
    • dhyaan: is meditation.
    • samaadhi: is salvation.
This is not a complete list but some examples of what one can do.

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