Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Garmin 2-state problem

Lately we'd this problem in our Garmin (C340) where when you tried to specify the address it gave you only two states and the worst part was that none of those two was our state. We contacted customer support and she asked us to reset the unit - yes, there's a reset button hiding behind the front frame; but that didn't help. She then asked us to get back to her when we were in front of a computer. However, my DH decided to do it without her help. Lo and behold! The problem went away when the software update was done.

I feel that the quality of things in general has degraded. What's the point in buying a nice expensive branded unit, if you've to contact the customer support within a year of date of purchase. This was not the first time that we were contacting CSR, we'd had to send the unit to their repair facility earlier and since it came back from repair the previous problem was fixed but it had this new one. I'm sorely disappointed in Garmin.

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