Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mexico Visa

I've read so many debates about whether you need a visa when you go for H1 stamping in Tijuana. If you're an Indian national and your current US visa (F-1)has expired then you NEED a mexico visa to go to Tijuana. They may not check your visa and hence you may feel that you did not need to get one, but you do and the process for getting a mexico visa is very simple.

The type of mexico visa you need is FM3. You take all the required documents to the Mexico Consulate at 1549, India St., San Diego. There'll be lots of people standing outside, but people applying for a mexico visa are very very few so you can just tell the guard that you *need* a visa and they'll direct you. When you enter the consulate, take a left and climb up the stairs - that's the visa office. They'll give you a questionnaire and a form to fill, submit these too along with the documents and $134 in cash (to the cashier). You can collect your visa the next day!

Documents you need (originals + 1 copy):
Bank statement
Appointment letter for US consulate
Employment letter
2 passport photos

Contact for Mexico Consulate, San Diego:
1549, India St., San Diego
Phone - (619) 231 8414

How do I know all this? I just got one. So if you want to know anything about the procedure, post me a question.


Anonymous said...

What about in this case..

Indian National + Having a valid and un-expired H1 Visa ???

Smriti said...

@anon, Frankly I'm not too sure. For my case I e-mailed the mexico consulate and they told me I needed an FM3. However, I've heard and read that there's a rule which says that if you're staying longer than 72 hours or crossing the "border zone" (Tijuana is inside the border zone), then you need a tourist card; but some say it's applicable to US and Canada citizens only. The Mexico Consulate, Los Angeles also says so. I think you would need a tourist visa or FMT which you can get at the border too. The best would be to contact the mexico consulate (the contact information is in the post).

madhav said...

Do you belong to San Deago County ? I am from Santa Clara County (Northern California) and when I enquired with SanJose consulate they mentioned it will take 6 weeks to get my Visa back. I am wondering whether I can get my Visa from San Deago Instead.


Smriti said...

@Madhav, yes I'm in San Diego county. I didn't have to submit any proof my residence in SD county for the Mexico visa so I don't think it should be a problem for you. Also they (Mexico Consulate) seem to be quite easy on the visa thing. You could e-mail or call the SD branch. Before I got mine, I'd read the process on the NY website and it too seem to indicate that it would involve a few weeks; but when I e-mailed to the SD consulate they told me that it would take 24 hrs.

madhav said...

Hi, One more question. Did you hand over your I -94 before entering Mexico ? Do you have any kind of Stamp in your passport which explains that you have entered Mexico on so and so date and left mexico on so and so date ?
Thanks in Advance

Smriti said...

@Madhav, when I went to get a new I-94 that's when he took off the old I-94 and yes he stamped my passport saying that I entered US on so and so date; but why are you worried about that?

gaurav said...

I have a H1B approintment at Mexico Tijauna on 3rd march and I went to Mexico Consulate at Fresno, CA for mexican visa. They told me I need a special visa. It will take about 2 weeks may be a month..
It was so F#$%@#$%@#%...
As I am going with my family so I think I will get mexico visa...