Thursday, April 12, 2007

Recipes from other blogs

I'm very fond of searching good recipes on other blogs and try them too, the two frequencies may be quite different :). There are so many epicurean recipe blogs out there. In fact my inspiration for blogging comes from one such blog. Coming back to what I was saying, so here I'll maintain a list of what recipes I've tried from different blogs.
  • Kothimbir vadi(6/28/07): I'd once tasted kothimbir vadi at a maharashtrian wedding and since then wanted to make it. Finally, roaming around the web I came across this recipe and I decided to give it a try. It came out just as I'd expected! It's a crunchy tasty snack!
  • Onion Chutney(6/6/07): Excellent recipe! My blender was too big for the small quantity and hence I didn't get it to grind finely but the taste was awesome. I just couldn't wait to put up the review till the next time I made it perfectly. I didn't have red onions so I used yellow ones instead but that too tasted good.
  • Malai Kofta(6/6/07): A nice recipe, the koftas turned out great. One thing that I didn't realize was that the koftas weren't to be fried like cutlets, they'd to be just golden brown. The recipe mentions that. I fried them nice brown like cutlets and that's why they didn't blend with the curry. Even then they tasted very good.
  • Chole: I seem to be making a whole lot progress on my to-cook list! This recipe is great, the chole looked as well as tasted great! I used tomato paste instead of canned/fresh tomatoes and that worked out well. It gave the sauce a nice color and texture.
  • Banana chips: They turned out to be delicious! I'd taken a photo for proof-sake but of the two photos that I took one got blurred and the other was over-exposed. I didn't have either peanut oil (as recommended by the recipe) or coconut oil (which is used in Kerala) so I just used my corn oil. Maybe that's why they didn't become as yellow as shown in the recipe; but other than that they were really good; much better than teh stale ones you get in Indian stores out here. It was totally worth the effort. Banana chips and I go way back; when I was a kid I was the only one in my family who used to like banana chips fried in coconut oil. During the time my brother was in Kozhikode (in Kerala), everytime he came home he would bring around 1.5 kgs of the best banana chips!
  • Huevos Rancheros: A mexican version of scrambled eggs; because it's very flavorful appeals to the Indian taste-bud. It reminds me of the scrambled egg my father used to make for me: he would add coriander powder, garam masala and what not. The only change I made to this recipe was that I increased the quantity of ingredients other than egg to avoid a very "eggy" flavor.
  • Lemon rice: It turned out really well, though it lacked tanginess and that's not the recipe's fault I think it was my hesitation in adding so much lime. It looked beautiful, there's no doubt about it. Though while adding the ingredients, my husband and I were so suspicious that how come it needs x in so much quantity.
  • Sakarai Pongal: This was my second time I was preparing sweet pongal. The first time I did, let's not even talk about it. So I was very determined to follow the recipe by the T. I'm very health-conscious when it comes to adding butter/ghee to any dish and this recipe wanted 1/4 cup of it!! So with reluctant hands I put the ghee, I could almost see the ghee floating; but it was worth it. Pongal turned out to be simply delicious and my family just loved it!
Recipes that I intend to try (they'll be upgraded after I try them):

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