Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Ultimate truth

One can understand and imbibe the ultimate truth if and only if he does so with belief (श्रध्दा), devotion (भक्ती) and simplicity (सरलता). If you ask questions on what is written in the scriptures with a doubt in your mind; or because you think that those who've written it are not capable enough; or because you want to engage in a debate over the matter; or for any such reason which reflects that you are arrogant or shrewd you'll never the learn the essence of the philosophy.

If you're really interested in understanding you must first make yourself believe in this institution, have total faith in the philosophy and be down-to-earth.

When I was reading this section of Gita it reminded me of something my mother told me. Earlier when I used to read Gita, I would always have questions brimming in my mind as to why God said this or why did he do this: mainly out of plain curiosity, sometimes astonished as to how could God do/say this. When I asked her one of these questions, she told me the very same thing: I should read these scriptures with complete faith and devotion and only then can I hope to answer my questions. With that thought in mind and my wee bit of experience I realized that most of my questions do get answered sooner or later. For those that are still lingering in my mind, I'm sure one day I'll find an answer to those too. So if you too have been in a similar faith then my advise is don't lose hope, don't let your trust wane; you will find the answers.

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Prajakta said...

how true! u find all the answers in Gita and it gives u so much of security that whenever u get confused, u just need to refer to it and u will get a direction...so far i have found only one thing which can answer my questions..n that's Gita..