Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

There was a time when I used to belong to the club which believed that all such "days" are a conspiracy by the greeting card companies. I too believed that just so that they can sell a million more cards and make some profit through those cute little gift items, these greeting card companies are trying to make a big hole in the pockets of the consumer. That was when I thought that essence of these days was to just shower the concerned person with gifts and cards. Be it the Valentine day, Mother's day, Father's day or anything else.

Now I think differently. I think in today's age, life is very hectic and seldom do we take out time to express our love and feelings for those whom we care. Of course, one would say that we do hundred little things which we wouldn't do if we didn't care or love that person. One, that's true for only those you live with. Second, how many times do we make them feel how special they are. Well, it's these "days" when we can make ourselves take out time to show our loved ones how special they are. It doesn't have to be gifts or cards or eating-outs; it's about feelings.

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