Friday, August 31, 2007

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Author: Robin Sharma

It's an inspirational fable in which a man called John is impressed by the wondrous transformation of his lawyer friend Julian. The inspirational lessons are narrated by Julian to John as experienced by him through some monks in the Himalayas.

I feel that the book would've been better had it been narrative instead of being in the form of a fable; in the current form it seems to be a little childish and all the off-topic conversation between the two characters unnecessary. The content however is good, though some of the principles are trite. The author does present new means to these common principles of a good purposeful life.

Bottomline: In between a good and ok read :)


Ab said...

hey, i pity th fact that you read th book
omg, i pity myself for having read it 2 yrs ago and not warning enough people...
I mean, he's a abomination to literature and free thinking!
ok, dont object, but really, TMWSHF is just Paulo Coelho and Richard Bach mixed together in Robin Sharma's words, which are by far boring!
like, th little dialogue he used, didn it make u feel sick? even th books that never get sold has more imaginative dialogues...
i think th success of th book is purely a case study for MBA students of marketing! not as a story book..
no offfense intended to you, though. am yet to read th other posts.

Smriti said...

@Ab, completely agree with you that that little dialogue was totally uncalled for. In fact it was a forced fable. It was more on the line of a Shiv Khera.