Thursday, August 9, 2007

A good human being

(Teachings from Bhagvad Gita)When a man is in unison with God, he sees God in everything. If he makes somebody happy with his gentle words, he's making God happy. If he's serving somebody, he's serving God. If he sees something, he's seeing God. If he's going with somebody, he's going with God. Whether we've reached that level of spirituality or not, what will happen if we apply this principle to our daily life? Well, the world would be a paradise. Why? Because if you see God in every person you would never do anything bad to him; never bore any ill-feelings towards him; always speak nicely to him. Don't you think that would solve all the problems in the world?

Further such a man, considers the joy and agonies of the world as his own. Just like he works towards keeping himself happy and in doing so doesn't think that he's doing an obligation on himself, or doing a favor to himself or that he's duty bound; it's natural to him. Similarly, it's natural for him to not do anything that agonizes anybody and always do actions that bring happiness. is is going beyond the saying "Consider all the people in the world your brothers and sisters"; because there could be conflict even brothers due to selfish interests but it would never happen if you consider others' agony as your own and their happiness as your happiness.

What a shangri-la this world would be if everybody would abide with these principles!

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