Thursday, August 23, 2007

A sinner and his destiny

(Teachings from the Gita) Have you ever thought about what would happen to those who perform prayers and other rituals of worship and at the same time are also committing some sin?

Those who believe in God and are religious about their worship they know very well that performing a wrong action will lead to some misfortune. By performing acts of worship, their soul gets cleansed. So there is no reason for them to commit a sin intentionally. However, it may happen that due to their inherent nature they might be participants in some sin. If that is the case then by slowly and gradually that too will come to an end as they continue to worship.

In the end, anybody who worships God will join the virtuous path to life.


Peeyush said...

It has been quite long since I had last read Gita. Whatever I remember a bit from my memory (sorry, no verifications done) the text also says no action is free of sin and so dedicate all your actions to me and I shall wash away your sins (Apne karmon kau mujh mae arpit kar dau aur main tumhe unke guno sae mukt kar doonga).

Along another lines of thoughts, some philosophies talk about 'karma' and 'karta'. Karma is action. However, the entity who drives it is different and not us. Karta is someone else (God). At best, we can treat ourselves as medium.

This was whatever I understood from various texts. Now I would like to put in my understandings of sin, destiny and worship.

We worship to establish faith in an element. Requirement of faith is very important. It defines the boundaries for our action (conscience), it becomes our strength, it becomes our belief. It becomes hope when we face unfortunate situations in life.

Sin is something that is defined at individual levels. Though it is often associated with rules laid by society, but I personally believe that it is very much individual. It's what your conscience subscribes to. The same karma can be right and can be wrong depending upon what time it is and what situation it is.

I don't believe in destiny. I don't stand by writings in astrology, kundlis, haath ki rekha etc. Our action of today defines the day that's to come tomorrow. Oh yes, there can come some surprises because to some extent your day is governed by external entities too. That would be 40% at max. Rest is driven by you.

Till date I don't know what's written in my kundli. I would prefer to believe there is no tomorrow. What I have is only the current moment that I am breathing in right now. Beyond that nothing is certain. And when that thing (the only certain thing) comes to me, I will fight it till last breath and then greet it finally with open arms (Lets see how much of it I manage when that moment will finally come:).

Sorry for getting carried away with reply. You must have noticed me jumping across topics. That's usual me :). I wrote down whatever came to my mind. These are not well organized thoughts. Sorry again.

Smriti said...

@peeyush, you needn't be sorry. This section is so that readers can convey their thoughts.

I guess my selection of words wasn't apt; when I said "destiny" I meant "gati"(in hindi). By destiny I do not imply that things are pre-determined. In that sense I totally agree that destiny changes with your actions