Sunday, August 12, 2007

La Especial Norte, Leucadia/San Diego

Cuisine: Mexican

It's one of the many small mexican restaurants in Leucadia on Highway 101. We just happened to stumble upon it. The exterior is very ordinary but the interior is quite well done in a mexican way; it's not fancy but clean, nice and colorful. The staff is very friendly. Our waitress took good care of us.

We had had our lunch about an hour or two back, when we came across this place. There were so many restaurants on the way that we decided that we must stop at one of them and at least have something light to see if they're any good. Especially because we don't frequent that neighborhood much. We were in the mood to order some kind of chips and dips. Since it was a small place we didn't expect to get the complimentary chips and salsa; but there she was - our waitress- with a basket of freshly made chips and homemade salsa. The chips were nice and crisp and totally fresh. The salsa was just to our taste: spicy and flavorful. The lightest dish on the menu was (vegetarian)tostada, so we ordered that. Of course, there was a wide variety of soups but I'm too fond of soups; and I later heard that their soups are very tasty. Coming back to our tostada: the presentation was simply excellent. Just looking at that dish would make you hungry. It was accompanied by refried beans, mexican rice and cabbage salad; each of which was truly delicious. They were one of the best refried beans we've had. The tostada itself had toppings of beans, guacamole, sour cream and cheese; and it too was delectable. The quantity along with the chips was more than sufficient for two (of course appetites make a difference).

Contact info:
604 North Coast Highway 101 (at Leucadia Boulevard),
Phone: 760-942-104

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