Monday, February 12, 2007

Review of Omkara (2006)

I must say that it's an excellent movie! It revolves around a group of gansters, the setting being a village in Rajasthan. Don't worry its not at all gory. In fact it concentrates more on the internal tiffs of the gang than external fights. A word of warning though - the language is very abusive. However, if you're ready to forego that you'll find that it's worth watching! Everything feels so right-in-place be it the actors, the ambience, the music or anything else. Its a fast-paced movie - kudos to the director. Most of the songs are in the background so instead of dragging the movie, they enhance the experience. The actors have done a superb job, especially Saif Ali Khan. The backdrop, setting, makeup and costumes also deserve a mention.
Rating: Worth Watching.

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