Monday, February 26, 2007

Review of Babul(2006)

Starring: Amitabh Bachchan, Rani Mukherjee, Salman Khan, Hema Malini, John Abraham and others.

I like movies which raise some social issue and provide a good solution to it even if it gives only the last 10-15 minutes to it. Those last 10-15 minutes are worth it even if they change a single person's mind. This movie is one such movie. The first half is all happy-go-lucky. The second half starts to get a little melodramatic but before you can click that "fast forward" button it picks up and ends up making you feel good! The last few scenes are the essence of the movie and Amitabh delivers some really strong dialogues.

The movie is on widow remarriage and the stigmas associated with widows in India. Even after India has made so much progress I think the majority in India still believes in all that the movie says. When I say majority - you and I don't make the majority in India. It's what we call - the masses - in India. How many in-laws would think about remarrying their widowed daughter-in-law? Forget that, how many parents would like to take up the responsibility of their widowed daughter? Of course, there's always the glass-half-full view: the number of sati deaths have reduced drastically, not necessarily the widow has to shun all the colors in her life.

Amitabh portrays a very strong character as the father-in-law of Rani Mukherjee and as always he has done a superb job. It feels nice to see there can be people who've such noble thoughts; hopefully it'll inspire people in real life. Amitabh and Rani are the main characters in the movie and have lived up to the role. Others, for what they matter, have not disappointed.

Had the movie concentrated on it's main theme I would've called it a "must-watch", but it didn't. It's a good watch.
Rating: Can See

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