Friday, February 9, 2007

The real and the reel Guru (2006)

The story revolves around Abhishek who is thought of as good-for-nothing by his father but he is confident that he can make his dreams come true. He goes on to build an empire - Shakti industries - by all means possible. People say it bears some resemblance to Dhirubhai Ambani's biography.
What I like about this movie - it tells you the reality. There are very few people who've earned a lot of money as well as morality, character and ethics. The general trend is to earn the former and lose the latter. And that brings to my mind a recent piece of news about Amitabh gifting Abhishek a Bentley which strengthened my belief. There is nothing wrong in the act of gifting but the next day he denies doing any such thing. The latest claim being that its not a gift but owned by Amar Singh who bought it for his own use. However, the residence address is that of Amitabh - the reason being he would use that when he comes to Mumbai. How lame is that! If such affluent people will stoop to such lowly things what can we expect from the common man! Inspite of all this when we worship such people, what does it speak about us? Is money all that we use as a measure of success and greatness?
Coming back to the movie, as always Aishwarya doesn't do anything except sing and dance, Abhishek suits the role and there are a couple of good songs. Overall, if you're looking for plain entertainment then one can watch this. There is more hype to it than substance.
Rating: Can see.

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Prajakta said...

I swear..i think the end could have been much more effective.