Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Extraordinary Desserts

Cuisine: Desserts

Yes it's a dessert place in San Diego and was ranked #1 on signOnSanDeigo.com for 2006. Though my favorite is "Just Fabulous" - it used to be a dessert place but now for some reason they've reduced the focus on desserts. When we first went there, we'd ordered "chocolate platter" and it was just fabulous! Their decor was also nice.
The way they used to decorate their desserts was beyond imagination. However, now that they no longer do that, my second choice becomes the first choice. Not that ED is not good, but JF used to be better! I must say that these dessert places have an area as big as a mouse hole. Actually I like the decor of the ED in Hillcrest, the one in downtown gives you the feeling that you're sitting in some kind of warehouse. All said and done their pastries are yummy! We took photos last time of the food that we ordered.
If you've a sweet tooth, then this is your place! For more information refer to Extraordinary Desserts.


Frasier Triple Berry Torte

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