Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tropicana non-vegetarian juice!!!!

This is my most harrowing discovery: Tropicana orange juice with omega-3 fatty acids has fish oil and other fish products! Who would've ever thought that a fruit juice could contain animal products and that too a juice advertised as "freshly squeezed orange juice"!! Then I did a search and found this link that lists all the Tropicana, Minute Maid and Florida Naturals juices that contain animal products. On reading the discussion on that post I found that OJ with Vit D from Tropicana are vegetarian but not vegan and from Florida Naturals are NOT vegetarian. Whoa! That was a saving grace.

This just adds the number of items where we need to check the ingredients list!


shashwati said...

Who would think of adding fish products to juice?! How did you find out?!! Wow!

Smriti said...

Just for kicks I thought of looking at the ingredients list; because it's supposed to be "freshly squeezed OJ" I expected to see just that and what I saw made me almost puke!

So basically as long as you're buying plain simple OJ you know it's vegetarian; but if you try to buy ones with additives like Vit. D or Omega-3 you would need to look at the ingredients list to see where the additives came from.

For an OJ fan like me that was a devastating news!