Saturday, December 8, 2007

Appearance of God

(Teachings from Gita) He knows everything: past, present or future; apparent or unapparent. He is the omniscient (sarvagya, सर्वज्ञ).

He's the origin; there neither was anybody before Him nor is; there is no reason for Him, he's the reason behind everything and everybody and he's the oldest. He is eternal (sanaatan, सनातन).

He is the master of all, the all-powerful, the indweller in all, the governor of all and the one who decides the fruit of each labor. He is the supreme controller (niyantaa, नियंता).

Even though he is all of the above, he's very tiny. He's smaller than the smallest particle and present everywhere. He's the smallest (sukshmatam, सूक्ष्मतम).

Despite being the smallest, he's the foundation of this entire universe; he's responsible for maintaining and looking after everybody. He is the dhaata. (I'm unable to translate this in english - if anybody has any suggestions please let me know)

He's the caretaker of all but still so distant and imperceptible by senses. The brain and heart get their strength to think and opine from Him but they can't think about His true form. He sees them and everything else; controls the flow of strength through them but they can't see Him. Hence his appearance is beyond thought (achintyaswarup, अचिन्त्यास्वरूप).

He always spreads light; through his never ending, knowledgeable, divine light He brightens up everybody. He is a constant light in our life (nitya chetan prakashrup, नित्य चेतन प्रकाश्रुप).

With such a light, the clouds of ignorance can never shadow Him. On the contrary, with his lustre he breaks the dawn of ignorance. Ignorance can never even linger near him.


Vcuisine said...

Smriti, i am a regular reade of Gita. You find immense satisfaction by reading this holy script and everytime you come up with more knowledge. A divine post. Viji

Smriti said...

It's good to know fellow Gita readers, Viji. Reading Gita brings so much peace to my mind and a sense of happiness.