Saturday, December 8, 2007

Rama, a thai restaurant in San Diego

Cuisine: Thai
Price: $$

Rama is a thai restaurant in/near Gaslamp Quarter (in San Diego downtown). The ambience is simply fabulous. As you enter there's a lounge and from there a passageway leads to the dininig hall. There are sheer curtains between each table setting providing privacy to each party. The service is excellent, one of the best that I've seen. We just had to specify once to the waiter that we wanted our entrees vegetarian and then on he took care of everything. Even when he brought the hot sauce varieties he only brought the vegetarian ones without us needing to say so. This was when we discovered that the green chillies in a transparent liquid is actually green chillies in fish sauce! Coming to the food, it was also very scrumptious.

So all in all, the restaurant is almost perfect but that comes at a price. It's somewhat expensive. The only water that is offered is bottled water and yes you've to pay for it!

Rating: Excellent

Rama Restaurant
327 Fourth Ave.
San Diego CA 92101
619 501 THAI(8424)


Rekha said...

Thanks for the review. I am planning on taking a special friend to that place this weekend. But I was told that the place was so pompous, the hostess was rude to everyone but Americans, and that even if you had a reservation, you were made to wait atleast for an hour..please let me kniiw if any of these was true.. I am really interested to know..

Smriti said...

Rekha, We didn't have any such experience. Our waiter was really good. In fact it was the best service we've ever seen. The wait for us was around 10 mins or so but that could be because we went on a weekday. I assume that it must be very crowded on weekends being the place that it is. Based on my personal experience, I would highly recommend it. Hope that you too can back it after you visit it!