Friday, September 21, 2007

New look and feel

Finally, I managed to change change the look and feel of my blog. I've adapted the template from the Butterfly template. The easy way would've been to cut and paste the whole template; but I would've lost all the customizations that I've done so far. So I'd to patiently selectively modify. Earlier I'd always looked at some tutorials and simply copied stuff. This time however since I'd to choose and do I a couple of things about the blogger template which I thought I would share. This is not a tutorial but just pointers. Using these and Google, would be sufficient.

To change the Blog Title text/font/color: search the template XML for "#header h1". Inside this section, any changes you make will reflect on the blog title. If you want to change the placement of the title on the page, use the "padding" attribute.

To change the Blog Description text/font/color: search the template XML for "#header .description".


Rock said...

I din't know that there are 3 columns templates until I came across your blog. Your blog has a nice fresh look. Thanks for other bloglinks though I haven't checked them. I was slogging alone for sometime now with my boring two sided template with assistance from 'tips for new bloggers link' and was feeling great with little modifications that I could make. But all that is gone now and life has become easy with 3 column template. Thanks again.

Smriti said...

Thanks Rock! I'm sure you'll find the other links interesting. I know it's hard to find 3-column templates, wonder when will blogger start producing them!