Thursday, September 13, 2007

Medical Insurance

I'll never be able to fathom why medical treatment is so expensive in one of the most developed countries in the world - US! Isn't a developed country supposed to have a higher standard of living and better facilities for the basic necessities of life than other countries? Then why in the world is the medical treatment so unaffordable for the lower income group in the US. I agree that the hospitals/clinics are very clean, have a friendly atmosphere and use hi-tech equipment but does that justify charging $200 per visit even if it was as trivial as cold/cough treatment? If yes, then why don't we have tiers in hospitals like we do in hotels? Why don't we build hospitals which would provide comparable treatment but would not offer a fancy room or a hotel-style interior? Ultimately isn't that the purpose of hospitals/clinics/doctors: to provide treatment?

I guess it's all a "setting" between the doctors and insurance providers and the consumer suffers at their hands. It's because of these costs that patients are being driven to other nations for cures/surgeries. Can you believe it: living in a developed nation and then having to go other places for medical treatment?!?! I find that outrageous!

This issue seems to be a hot topic on the election manifesto. Here's a discussion on that.


Anonymous said...

Well said. You highlighted a nice point.No drama, no action,your blogs are simple and straight, perhaps a reflection of your personality(if I can presume the Gita affect to an extent).I'm not bucketing.


Smriti said...

Welcome to my blog Rock! Thanks once again :).