Thursday, September 13, 2007

God is all around

(Teachings from Gita)I liked these shlokas from Gita not only for their spiritual essence but also for their poetic style. Krishna explicates that the whole earth is just another form of him and that he's diffused in each and everything on the earth.

In hindi:
मैं पानी मे रस हूँ, अग्नी में तेज हूँ, वेदों में ओम्न्कार हूँ, तपस्वियों में तप हूँ, चन्द्रमा और सुर्य में प्रकाश हूँ, पुरुषों में पुरुश्तात्व हूँ, पृथ्वी में पवित्र गंध हूँ और सम्पूर्ण भूतों में उनका जीवन हूँ।

In English:
I'm the essence of water, the flame of fire, the "Om" of the vedas, the ascetism of the ascetic, the light of the sun and the moon, the masculinity of men, the pure smell of the earth and the life of all living beings.


Peeyush said...

That's my favorite adhyaay (adhyaay 10, if I remember correctly).

The gita I have is by Geeta Press publications. Every adhyaay is accompanied with mahaatamya in the beginning. Mahaatamya for this adhyaay was awesome too. In all that series this was the mahaatamya that didn't talk about people doing nasty sins and getting rid by means of adhyaay. Rather it had stories of two great characters who are linked to this adhyaay. And then it has a beautiful stuti of Lord Shiva performed by hansa of Lord Brahma before he releases his soul in front of Shiva. That is another reason for this adhyaay + mahaatamya to be my favorite. Mahaatamya carries stuti of Shiva and the Adhyaay, in a way, does stuti of Krishna.

Thanks :). Today you inspired me to get back to gita. I owe it to you, dear friend.

Smriti said...

@peeyush, I'm gald this post inspired you to read Gita again. My Gita book is also by Geeta Press; I think they are the best. Though mine doesn't have a mahatmaya.