Friday, February 6, 2015



Who doesn’t love croissants?!?! That too warm, flaky fresh from the oven!! Ooh yummy! I tried to bake croissant for the first time and let me tell you, DH and I were very happy that I did!


Look at all those layers! How I wish I had some in my oven RIGHT now!


Can you see little specks of chocolate brown in between the swirls? DH put some chocolate chips in between to make something similar to pain au chocolate. It tasted really good! Ok enough of drooling over the pictures! How did I make them? I followed the recipe from King Arthur Flour to the T. I did halve the recipe because the original was a lot! If this is the first time you’re trying it then let me warn you – it’s going to be tedious but well worth it!

I made really small bite sized ones and hence the increased quantity. The baking sheet above is a half sheet so you can figure out how small the croissants must be to fit ~15 of them Smile

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