Thursday, October 3, 2013

Not all is hunky dory in the Kitchen Land!


If you thought that blogs were always about bragging about your beautiful house, delicious food and the perfect family, you’re so wrong Smile I thought I would post a not so successful attempt at making Ethiopian food. What you see above is Injera (the ethiopian bread), the cabbage and potato veggie and I forget what they call the lentils. This may not be the authentic Ethiopian food at a restaurant, but it certainly tasted delicious to our taste buds. I guess because we worked hard at it! Not to forget all the fun we had trying to cook a new cuisine. We’ll probably get a more reliable source for the recipes when we try again.

Trying to cook this food, reminded us once again that not everything is so easy that you would get it right the first time. So it is more important to enjoy the process than be hung up on the end results!

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