Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pita and falafel sandwich



Hubby and I love falafel sandwich! Now that we were experimenting with international cuisine, we decided to try our favorite – falafels. It seemed somewhat easier because it is similar to the vadas that we make.

We used the recipe from here; we didn’t really stick to the recipe to a T. Just used what we had on hand. Parsely and cilantro were missing in our kitchen so they got dropped from our recipe. However I’m happy to report that these were the most delicious falafels we’ve ever had! So much so that we think we’re spoilt now and will not be able to eat falafels made by others Winking smile. For the sandwich, we used readymade hummus (next time we intend to make that too!), cherry tomatoes, cucumber, onion and sesame seed paste (tahini). For tahini, I did a very home made version. Just ground some toasted sesame seeds to a paste and added some olive oil and lemon.

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