Monday, March 29, 2010

Twilight and New Moon

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Well, I’m sure most of the readers must’ve already heard about these books and the author. The popularity of the Twilight series as been compared to the Harry Potter series and seems to be the biggest craze in books for the past year.

I’d long avoided reading this series because I never thought that I could like a book whose hero was a vampire. I mean come on – a love story with a vampire?!?! However I caved in and finally started to read the first in the series – Twilight; and I was hooked. Its such a deeply romantic story that you just can’t keep it down. Of course, being a "YA” (young adult) category there were instances where I felt that how could the heroine be so dumb but I was ready to skip over those places and complete the book.

The story begins with Bella, a teenage girl moving to a dull town, Forks, with her father. She disliked that place and had no idea how she was going to adjust to it; but she was in for a surprise. At her school she meets this young handsome boy, Edward, who’s just perfect – the dream guy you can think of – and then she couldn’t think of leaving Forks, ever! All she could think of now was him. However, loving a vampire is not easy – it has its own risks!

New moon: is the second in the series. Edward decides to leave Bella because being with him had endangered her life now and again. This leaves her heart-broken – to an extent which seems ridiculous to me! It is then that she starts getting more and more friendly with her native american friend Jacob. If you thought that the story was now more human-e then you’re absolutely wrong! The author just doesn’t believe in human romance :). Turns out that Jacob is a werewolf and werewolf and vampires are enemies. You can now figure out the complications that would result in Bella’s life!!

I like Edward’s character in the story but have no words for Bella’s character. She’s the most dumb, irrational, ungrateful and stupid heroine I’ve ever seen! But she doesn’t stop me from getting addicted to this series :). So now I’m waiting to get my hands on the third in the series :-).

To all those who don’t belong to the YA category, you must be ready to gloss over some of the stupidity and irrationality. Oh and not to forget, the script is not well-edited. I wonder how they manage to make so many mistakes in this age where we have software like Word. That was seriously very disappointing – considering the popularity of the series! An extra “to” here, an extra “the” there – pathetic!

Bottomline: I don’t why I’m so addicted to this series!!!!

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