Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So I'm late posting about Janmashtami this time...mainly because I had really really late start on it. Usually I like to decorate my temple a week before Janmashtami, but this time my DH and I were working on the temple that day itself. We did manage to change everything except the style of the decorations. It was a repeat from last year. Here's a peek at what it looks this year:
The swing is more "aerodynamic" this year, as quoted by my DH :D. It actually is, when you try to swing it you can see it. For the prasad, we made makhane ki kheer, fruit chaat and panchamrit.

I'll update the photo for the kheer sometime later this week. In the meantime I can tell you how to make it though the quantity of everything is hand wavy because we just didn't measure anything this time :). The recipe comes from my mom.

Makhane ki kheer

I used a can of evaporated milk, half a litre whole milk, 8 tblspns sugar, around 250 gms of makhane and a few dry fruits (especially chironji). Chironji adds a very special taste to the kheer; maybe because since my childhood I've always had makhane ki kheer with chironji I feel it's incomplete without it.

Dry roast the makhane and grind them. Most of them should be fine, just leave a few chunky pieces here and there. We firts ground it in the food processor and then took the chunky pieces and ground them in the grinder. Mix everything and bring to boil on a medium flame (covered). When it comes to a boil, simmer (open) and cook till you think the milk has thickened enough. I think it took around 15-20 mins but it would differ from stove to stove.

Here's my post on Janmashtami last year; look at what I said about makhane ki kheer:

It didn't taste the same as my mom's. So the next time I'll get it from my mom and if I make it right, the recipe will make way into one of the posts.
True to my word, I posted it now :).


Renu said...

ur pooja ghsr is looking awesome:)

Sankari W. said...

beautiful smriti!!! it looks so elegant and gorgeous!! i just turned my puja area upside down in reorganizing and cleaning the area - I just went and picked out some paint colors and so i am going to paint it this weekend - yay! next friday is Onam (I am from Kerala -raised in Baltimore) so I hoping to have everything done by then - your puja area is just SUCH an inspiration!!! LOVE it! and I will have to try your recipe! So glad to have found your awesome blogs! Thanks for supporting my dream of a cupcake tree!!! I hope that all who wish for it will have one appear in their backyard :) LOL! Best wishes to yoU!!!
Sankari :)