Sunday, August 10, 2008

My garden

I'd promised my friend M that I would take photos of my container garden but unfortunately by the time I got to taking the photos: the cucumber plants caught a disease, the zinnias got eaten away by some merciless animal and the container garden is only-half container! Well, so what...I still took the photos of my tomatoes and carrots! I was falling short on containers and my plants were spreading wings as if sky was the limit so I was left with no option but to sneak them into the land around my apartment. Then I was gone for 2 weeks during which my DH took care of them and I must say that he took VERY good care of them because when I came back I couldn't even recognize them!! They'd grown so tall and healthy! So...I thought this presented a beautiful opportunity to do a before-after comparison. The photo on the left is the "before" and on the right, the "after".

DSC00505 DSC00512

The little ones are carrots in the above photos.


DSC00508  DSC00516

The "after" photos for the pots in the left photo above is:


The key to such healthy plants - sun, sun and more sun. At least for tomatoes that's true. Initially we'd them in our patio which gets around 2-3 hours of sunlight and I thought that was sufficient but apparently it wasn't! The tomato plants have started flowering so we should be getting tomatoes soon!!! Ah the joy of getting fruits of your labor - literally!


Renu said...

wow! Post the photos of tomatoes also,as and when they come.

Balvinder Singh said...

your post has tempted me to take pictures of my terrace garden as well as i described in my post "keep her healthy" in my blog. I will do that sooner than later. Good job done by your DH in your absence.