Sunday, October 14, 2007


This story is from Bhagvad Gita, illustrating an arthaarti devotee.

Swayambhuv manu's son, Uttanpaad, had two wives: Suneeti and Suruchi. Each gave birth to a son, who were called Dhruv and Uttam respectively. Suruchi was the favorite queen of Uttanpaad. One day, Dhruv came to his father and sat on his lap. Suruchi didn't like this. She took him off his father's lap and humiliated him. She told him, "You are unlucky and hence mothered by Suneeti. Had you been mothered by me, you would've got to sit on the throne; but all you can do now is to pray to Shri Krishna. Only then will your desire get fulfilled.". Her tone was mocking. Poor child Dhruv was heartbroken. He went to his mother and related the story in tears. His mother advised him that his step-mother was right, only Shri Krishna can fulfill his desires. So he must pray to him. On hearing these words from his mother, he decided to please Shri Krishna to get the reins of the kingdom. With that in mind he set off from his home. On his way he met Naradji who tried to persuade him to return to his home but he was adamant. Finally, Naradji gave him a mantra and his blessings. On the banks of river Yamuna, Dhruv started his meditation. Numerous factors tried to deviate him from his meditation but he was strong-willed and nothing could disturb him. Pleased with his prayers, Shri Krishna appeared in front of him. In the kingdom, when the king heard about his son he started off along with his queens and his other son to bring back Dhruv. On the way he met Dhruv, who was returning now that he had seen Shri Krishna. Elated to see his son, he hugged him and with great pomp and show brought him back to the kingdom. In the end, he made Dhruv the king.

This story depicts how an arthaarti devotee believes that only God can fulfill his desires.

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