Monday, January 24, 2011

Curious incident of the dog in the night time

Author: Mark Haddon

I simply loved reading this book! The book is narrated in first person by a child with special needs. The child is shown to be a genius – as they say that one God takes away one faculty he compensates it in another! One day he finds that his neighbor’s dog has been killed and he takes upon himself to find out who killed the dog. On the way he discovers some truths about his life. I wouldn’t be able to tell more about the story without giving some spoilers so I’ll stop here Smile

Why I Liked the book? Because while reading you can feel the characters. It felt as if the author was inside the mind of the child when he was writing the book. He has portrayed the behavioral disturbances of the child so well. It’s simply amazing! I would highly recommend this book to one and all!

Bottomline: Must read!

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026 said...

Its funny how i read the book twice and have absolutly no memory of the story...