Monday, February 22, 2010

Three kinds of food – II

Rajasik food, that is food liked by people having predominantly rajas guna,  is:

  • bitter like neem, karela, etc.
  • sour like tamarind
  • salty like namkeen
  • too hot
  • spicy like red chilli
  • dry like pop corn or anything roasted in the furnace
  • daahkarak (sorry don’t know the translation, if you do please let me know) like mustard seeds

Such food causes pain, regret and diseases. For example, after having something too hot you may burn your tongue; on tasting something very spicy you may have water running from your eyes/nose; on easting something dry you may get something stuck in your throat.

Tamasik food, that is food liked by people with a dominating tamas guna, is:

  • unripe or half-cooked: produce that is not ripened, food that is not cooked properly.
  • devoid of any juices: food that has lost its juices because of various reasons like air, fire, etc.
  • possesses a smell: like onion and garlic
  • stale: which was cooked the night before or produce that was picked from the farms long back.
  • uchistha – ok this is hard to explain in english. It is leftover food that has been bitten into by somebody else.

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