Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Depending on his faith and following of religious teachings a man’s destiny can change.

  • If a man has faith in religious teachings and follows them, then he can either do it without any desire for the fruits of his labor or otherwise. In case of former, he achieves moksha while in case of latter heaven is his destiny as he is a sattvik person.
  • If he follows some religious teachings but doesn’t have faith in them then he will not get any fruits for his labor.
  • If he has faith but does not follow any religious teachings for lack of any knowledge of them then he has sattva because of his faith as well as rajas and tamas guna and he will be rewarded according to his karmas.
  • If he neither has faith nor follows the religious teachings then he’s a tamasik person and he will go to hell.
  • If he sneers at the religious teachings then he will not get any fruits of his good deeds but he will have to bear the consequences of his bad deeds.

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