Thursday, January 29, 2009

An accomplished man

How do we know an accomplished man when we see one?  He has very defined qualities.

  1. He does not harbor the feeling of hatred towards any being or thing. The word hate does not exist in his dictionary.
  2. The feelings of compassion and friendliness are natural to him.
  3. He neither has the sense of ownership towards anything nor does he have a conceited opinion about himself. He is a down to earth person. The moment you "own" something or somebody, you've enveloped yourself with the feelings of love and hate; pride and arrogance; hurt and dismay. If somebody criticizes what you own, you feel hurt. If they praise, you feel elated and proud.
  4. Though he feels pain and comfort, he does not feel joy and sorrow that emanate from them. He would feel the pain if he gets sick, but he would not be sad because of it. Similarly he would be comfortable when he is healthy but would not be joyous from it. When any good or bad thing happens they do not feel joy or sorrow because they have same emotions irrespective of whatever happens.
  5. He is very forgiving. If somebody does any misdeed towards them they have no intention of punishing the person. They do not believe in blaming anybody for any incident because they believe from their heart that only God can make things happen.
  6. He is always satisfied; at no moment and place does he feel dissatisfied. Nor can the lack of anything give rise to that feeling in him. A worldly man feels satisfied because of a thing and as soon as he gets that, he again starts feeling dissatisfied.
  7. He has his mind, body and senses under his control.
  8. His mind is determined to be devoted to God; neither pain nor any action can deter him from his determination.
  9. He immerses his mind and intellectual faculties in the service of God.

These are all great qualities and when I try to imagine a person who has all these qualities, the first thought that comes to my mind is - how lucky is he! To imbibe all these qualities in our self, is a formidable task; but I think if we were to truly follow even one of these qualities, it would bring a sea of change in what we are.  


Renu said...

I am not an established person:)

have u found anyone?

Renu said...

sorry read not established ..but acomplished in the above comment

Parasite Id said...

Very good up until the "God" part. You can achieve all these things without believing in an imaginary friend. The hardest thing is believing in yourself.