Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Shabri was a tribal and belonged to a lower caste. She was a great devotee of God and used to serve the sages with all her love. She used to clean the path on which they travelled, removing stones and pebbles so that their feet wouldn't get hurt. She would cut the wood from the jungle and places it in their huts for cooking food. Pleased with her hardwork and devotion, sage Maatangad gave her a boon that Lord Ram would visit her hut and that she should continue to worship him. Exalted by this boon, she did all the things that she used to do with double the fervor and devotion. She would broom the path on which she expected God to walk till long distances, prepared a place for him in her house, picked the sweetest fruits from the jungle for Him. She tasted each and every fruit that she picked to be sure that it was sweet. As the days progressed she thought that it was getting closer to the visit day and anticipating Him to come any time she would do all these preparations umpteen times in a day. Finally the day come and when she saw God before her, she was in seventh heaven. She welcomed him, washed his feet, worshipped him and offered him the fruits that she'd collected. On tasting those fruits, God had a feeling of bliss.

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