Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Gajraaj was an elephant who used to live on the top of a hill. One hot day, he and his friends went downhill to a river to quench their thirst and relax in the water. While Gajraaj was playing in the water with some baby elephants, a giant cobra that used to live in the water, caught his leg and started to pull him inside the water. Seeing this, his friends came to help him and together they started to pull him out but to no avail. When Gajraaj saw that he was losing the battle, he called upon god to help him out. On hearing the troubled voice of his devotee, God appeared before him. Despite the pain, Gajraaj plucked a lotus and offered it to God. He accepted the noble offering from his devotee and beheaded the cobra. Thus saving Gajraaj.

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