Friday, April 24, 2015

Artisan Bread in 5

Many of you must have heard of the bestseller bread book “Artisan bread in five minutes”. I thought of giving it’s basic recipe a try and boy was I pleased with the results!


This is how my bread looked:

artisan bread in 5

I couldn’t believe that we baked it at home!

artisan bread in 5

Doesn’t it look gorgeous? Ready to be devoured?

artisan bread in 5

I followed the basic recipe as outlined here except that I increased the rising time before baking to around 90 minutes. For baking I used a baking stone and preheated the oven for 30 minutes at the minimum, as suggested. Also I used a parchment paper to make it easy to slide the shaped dough into the oven and after around 20 minutes removed it (again suggested in the recipe).

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