Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Last Original Wife

I found this title when I was looking around for some books in the humor section. Left to myself I wouldn’t put it in that category necessarily. It reads like a story perfect for one of those entertaining family movies but not outright humorous. A good read nevertheless.

The story is about husband, Wesley and wife, Leslie (well you must’ve got that from the title itself) who’re well past their middle age. Well it’s more about the wife than the husband. It turns out that all the friends of the husband have lost their original wives one way or another and are attached to fashionable young women half their age and Leslie is the only original wife in the whole group (may or may not be for long). When Leslie realizes this, she also realizes why she’s the only last original wife – because she’s the only one of all the wives who’s been willing to be on the giving end always. Be it providing day care for her grand daughter or housekeeping for her husband; and nobody to appreciate. The regular housewives’ frustration but unlike regular housewives’ Leslie decides to take action against it. The whole story spins around that.

I found the story quite interesting especially the feminine point of view that it provides.

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