Thursday, August 22, 2013

What’s growing in our garden

I wanted to share what our garden is giving us. It’s such a source of joy! This year most of our vegetables are heirloom varieties and of course they’re grown organically. In fact I’m waiting for next year when (hopefully) we’ll have our own compost from vermicomposting! That’s another post I want to do sometime.

The joy cooking doubles when you go to the garden, pick the vegetables and then decide what to cook. The aroma of fresh oregano, the juicy homegrown tomatoes, soft and tender summer squash – sounds like a recipe for pasta :) Without much ado, here are the photos.


Marigold… lots of it!


Some basil


Little bit of green peppers


Bountiful summer squash and zucchini


Aromatic oregano


Loads of tangy tomatoes!

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