Monday, December 24, 2012

Gifts for the homeless

Recently we went to the Eastside Women's shelter to provide a meal and also took some gift bags to distribute to the women out there. While figuring out what to put in the bag, we'd a lot of questions regarding what be useful for the women. So we talked to the shelter staff and did some research on our own too. I thought that I would post the information here so that other people who want to do this can benefit.
We bought some storage Ziploc bags - it rains a lot here so they could use the bags later to keep their stuff dry. These are gallon sized storage bags. Inside every bag we put a washcloth, a pair of woolen socks, an energy bar, a soap, some candy and a handcrafted stationery item since I like to do that kind of thing.
We also made some extra ones and keep them in our car so that if we come across any needy person on the street we can hand them out. There's a grocery store gift card too inside it.
Some other ideas:
  • personal hygiene stuff like toothpaste, toothbrush comb.
  • if you're giving to women, then
    • feminine products.
    • mini manicure set
    • hand lotion tube
  • calling card
  • gloves and hat
  • first aid items
  • small flashlight
  • bus pass
  • underwear
  • little sewing kit
  • toilet paper
  • little toiletries that you get at a hotel!

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