Monday, May 10, 2010

The Last Song

Author: Nicholas Sparks

For the last few weeks it’s been only food and books on my blog :-). I’ve been busy as a bee (or worse!) for the past few weeks and I think that will continue till at least the end of this month; but despite that a woman’s got to eat and read!!

Last Song is such a beautiful book! It starts with a teenage girl being forcefully sent to stay with her father over the summer, by her mother. She’s joined by her brother who’s feelings are diametrically opposite to those of her sister’s. She’s the most indolent kid one would’ve ever seen and her father the most patient. Her father and brother spend all the time together while she wastes away her days and often lands into troubles. One fine day, she meets Will and slowly they fall into  love. At the same time, her father’s patience with her pays off and they start getting along. However, that is just the beginning of the story. She’s yet to face an earth-shattering reality and tackle it.

I really loved the father’s character – there was something in that character that made me feel that he was out-of-the-world parent. His silent understanding and trust for his children was beyond measure and gave him that special relationship that he had with his kids. The novel is very “alive” – you can feel the emotions of every character. Another reason I like the novel was because it was in harmony with what I feel – it’s more important to be surrounded by people than to be surrounded by things! As I always say “Stop and smell the roses”, “Slow down and enjoy the scenery”, “It’s not the destination but the journey”…you get it! :-)

Bottomline: Love it!

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